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Our approach

At Crowdfooding we believe corporate-startup collaboration is the only way forward to redesign and improve our food system. Combining startups’ agility to innovate and validate concepts with corporate structure and expertise allows to deliver better products to more consumers. Thus, Crowdfooding focuses on enabling collaborations by helping corporates identify the potential in partnering with startups, as well as empowering entrepreneurs to accelerate their scale-up phase by establishing strategic partnerships with corporates.

Our services

We empower established food and drink organizations to enable meaningful collaborations with startups via:

Discovery Missions

Providing a tailored overview of the Food and Foodtech innovation landscape in London and Silicon Valley. Our discovery missions aim to enable established organizations to connect with the key innovators and players and inspire their people.


Using our proprietary database and community to build channels for interaction between leading startups and scale-ups and large corporates. We then facilitate the relationships for both parties from arranging meetings and signing NDA’s to finalising commercial or investment agreements.


The global food tech map aims to keep track of the food-tech sector in one interactive map, allowing you to discover the latest developments from startups by category or location. The food-tech sector is incredibly dynamic and we believe startups are set to solve some of the biggest issues affecting our food system via technology.


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The platform aims to make the investment process easy for food entrepreneurs by connecting food startups and investors. It currently offers a matching making service tool, which features a commercial database of active food investors.
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We want to help businesses improve nutrition by fostering food innovation, with part of that process being to enable startups to gain access to the sales infrastructure which many established food businesses already command. Startups need such an infrastructure to get their products to the masses, and our task is to facilitate collaboration between innovators and investors to help this happen.
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Alessio is the founder and CEO of Crowdfooding, the world’s first crowdfunding platform for food and beverage-related ventures. He started his marketing career at a Fortune 500 beverage company before deciding to join a San Francisco based startup accelerator to lead their marketing and business development efforts.
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It can be tough to succeed in the food industry. Even if you have a fantastic product, it isn’t always plain sailing and funding can be tough to secure.
Thankfully, there are guys out there that can help you along the way – Alessio D’Antino is one of those. He has co-founded Crowdfooding – they are there to help when it comes to funding with their advice platform.

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Alessio D'Antino, Co-founder & MD of Crowdfooding, talks to us about how advances in food tech are helping create new forms of food; and the thinking behind the new Food Tech Lab at Food Matters Live 2017.
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