Our mission

Fostering food innovation to redesign our food system

We strongly believe that bringing together food entrepreneurs, passionate foodies, and established food organizations to enable collaborations will lead to meaningful innovations for the whole food system.

The Crowdfooding community starts with our awesome team

Alessio D'Antino

Founder & CEO

Alessio founded Crowdfooding in 2015 with the aim of broadening access to capital for food and foodtech startups and started to build a community of innovators tackling some of biggest challenges affecting our food system. A big-time foodie and a creative marketeer, he now works with companies of all sizes to help them understand how entrepreneurship, collaboration and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future of food.

Sara Roversi

Built 15+ companies via You Can Group, Italian Delegate at G20 YEA Summit + founder and Executive Director of Future Food institute & FoodInnovationProgram.org.

Andrea Magelli

Whilst with You Can Group he created 500+ places of work, sold a company (food retail) to a UK PLC and managed a media company team during 4 Olympic Games.

Max Leveau

Venture Associate

Max has been dipping his toes into the corporate world with communication & events management but quickly moved into Tech. After traveling around the world for a year, he spent four years at Google working on corporate partnerships and program management; but when his frenchness & love for food caught up with him, he decided to make his ‘process OCD’ and technology acumen at work for Crowdfooding.

Dario Valeri

Web illustrator & Foosigner

With an engineering background and a great passion for illustration, graphics and (clearly) web design as an ‘evolution of creative expression’, Dario has spent 5+ years working closely with many startups spanning from food to tech to help them cater their brand identity.


Marketing Associate

Zuzanna is a recent graduate from UCL where she studied European Social and Political Studies. As an investment intern at Experior Venture Fund, she became fascinated by the startup environment and their potential in solving real world issues. Zuzanna decided to combine this with her passion for food, and join Crowdfooding to help innovative food startups succeed.



Andrea Tolu

Blog contributor

Henna Garrison

Blog contributor


David Booth

Founder, operator and product manager with a background in venture capital and law. Currently advisor to Tech City Ventures

Sue Nelson

CEO Breakthrough Group, TLA Food Tech Founder, Presenter of FoodTalk Show and TechTalk Show, Author of FoodTech UK

Mike Lee

Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Alpha Food Labs, The Future Market, and Studio Industries

Our story

Crowdfooding’s roots date back to San Francisco, where in 2014 Alessio D’Antino founded the company with the aim of broadening the access to capital for food and drink entrepreneurs.

Whilst working at a Fortune 500 beverage company, Alessio became increasingly frustrated with the company’s ‘meaningless’ innovation agenda and decided to move to Silicon Valley in search of inspiration. After a couple of years of interacting with numerous food and drink entrepreneurs who were working on innovative projects, he realised that in the future their startups will play a larger role in the innovation space. As funding proved to be one of their biggest struggles, Alessio decided to provide them with an easier access to capital, thus establishing Crowdfooding.

Since then Crowdfooding has built a global community of innovators, who aim to solve some of the biggest issues affecting our food system. Crowdfooding now works with food and drink companies of all sizes to understand how entrepreneurship, collaboration, and investment models can be synthesised to create a more sustainable future of food.

Read more about Crowdfooding's story here.


Be a hustler

It’s no secret that building a business can be daunting. In order to create a successful business we strongly believe in the importance of entrepreneurs’ having a ‘go-figure-it-out’ attitude along with the ability of adapting quickly.

Tech for growth

Technology and growth hacking techniques are crucial for tapping into alternative sales channels or devising creative route-to-market strategies to get a more direct access to consumers. We believe collaboration with ‘techies’ can inspire food entrepreneurs to think “outside the box” and help them build thriving businesses.


To build a better our food system within the next few decades, both startups and corporates must get involved. They should embrace cooperation as we believe breakthrough innovation begins with teamwork, partnership, and collaboration.

Freedom to succeed

We believe success starts with understanding what it takes for a business to thrive in an ever-changing market. By empowering food entrepreneurs with the right set of technology-oriented tools, we help them to unlock growth for their business.



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