About Us


We provide food companies with the right tools to prepare to successfully launch and execute their crowdfunding campaigns.

At Crowdfooding we empower food entrepreneurs to leverage their crowd in three forms:

  • building their community (via sales booster)
  • validate their products with their crowd (via reward crowdfunding)
  • engage with sophisticated investors (via equity crowdfunding)

We see crowdfunding as a journey companies embark on to validate the market, build communities and engage with their crowd.

On the other hand, we work with established organizations and corporates to help them scout the best companies to engage with in order to carry out innovative projects and support startups through their scale-up phase.


We are a community of people who are passionate about food and helping entrepreneurs to foster food innovation by connecting them with the most relevant partners for their ventures.
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Alessio D'Antino

Co-founder & CEO

4+ years expertise in marketing at 500 Fortune beverage company and business developer for San Francisco-based startup incubator. Big time foodie determined to make food startups thrive by providing them with a more immediate access to capital.

Sara Roversi

Co-founder & COO

Built 15+ companies via You Can Group, Italian Delegate at G20 YEA Summit + founder and Executive Director of Future Food institute & FoodInnovationProgram.org.

Andrea Magelli

Co-founder & CFO

Whilst with You Can Group he created 500+ places of work, sold a company (food retail) to a UK PLC and managed a media company team during 4 Olympic Games.

The rest of the team

Max Leveau

Venture Associate

From a marketing & events background, Max spent the last 4 years at Google working on corporate partnerships and program management, before joining Crowdfooding in 2016, being passionate by entrepreneurship, and food of course !

David Fuschi

Digital media

Henna Garrison

PR & Communications


We are looking for talented entrepreneurial minds with a passion for food and innovation. Interested? Get in touch and submit your CVs and cover letter to info@crowdfooding.co


David Booth

Founder, operator and product manager with a background in venture capital and law. Currently advisor to Tech City Ventures

Mike Lee

Founder & CEO at Studio Industries & The Future Market; Innovation Director at AccelFoods, LLC


Through Crowdfooding investors can find food and beverage startups that have been reviewed and rated on their investment worthiness by our Investment Committee composed of experienced professionals in the following areas::

  • VC financing
  • Business analysis
  • Technology
  • CPG’s
  • Nutrition

Sophia Nadur

Consumer packaged good

Steve Osborn

Food Technology

Robert Boick

Business Analysis

Laura Tilt


Ivan Farneti

VC expert

Niccollo Manzoni

Venture investing expert