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A shared value platform for sustainable Ghanaian cocoa supply chains

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A shared value platform for sustainable Ghanaian cocoa supply chains


Global + Accra, Ghana


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Project overview

The private sector is increasingly aware that sustainable production and community development need to be at the core of corporate sourcing strategy as well as day-to-day operations.

Cocoa is one of the commodities that presents a range of significant environmental and social sustainability challenges that could ultimately lead to disruption of global supply. However, no one company, and indeed, no one stakeholder linked to the cocoa value chain can solve these issues on their own.

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Based on the imperative that ‘true impact’ is only achieved through consensus, compromise and cooperation, the International Trade Center (ITC) and Google Food Lab (GFL), together with other participating partners (Googlers Give Global Leadership Program, BSL-Business School Lausanne, Future Food Institute, Food Inspiration Magazine, Nestle and Barry Callebaut), would now like to join forces with as many relevant companies as possible linked to the cocoa value chain. The aim is to empower and connect Ghanaian cocoa farmers, assure sustainable supply and create new opportunities for them and other value chain stakeholders in cocoa production while reducing supply disruption risks.

The ambition is to promote a shared value sustainable cocoa supply chain platform, initially launching a “CHOCOTHON” initiative. The term “Chocothon” is derived from “Hackathon”, which is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software innovation projects. Although one of its objectives is ultimately to envisage software solutions to reduce sustainability challenges, the innovative and collaborative Chocothon initiative has several other objectives:


Organize crowdsourcing experiences, share technical expertise, and develop approaches to identifying and solving potential obstacles to achievement of the platform imperative: Shared value within sustainable cocoa supply chains. Conferences, workshops and meetings will allow the exchange of ideas, identification of challenges as well as the coordination of development and implementation of solutions that will benefit the platform members.

Measurable Goal:
Raise awareness; build a local community around cocoa-themed issues and discover new potential partners which commit to “shared value within sustainable cocoa supply chains”.

The voices of cocoa farmers need to be heard and their interests taken into account. This is a key success factor for companies that wish to secure a network of technically knowledgeable and empowered farmers to supply them with sustainable cocoa. The platform will build trust along the cocoa supply chain by helping to identify suitable farmer profiles for sustainable cocoa production. It will also help farmers to tackle the problems they face by developing customized training and tools that contribute to solving the sustainability challenges they are experiencing.

Measurable Goal: Engage cocoa farmers in this platform to train them on the issues that will contribute to improving their livelihoods and empower them to produce and trade sustainably with the downstream actors in the Ghanaian cocoa supply chain.

Bring actors together using cutting edge technology, by developing global public online tools and offline solutions such as applications that tackle obstacles to connecting upstream to downstream actors in the cocoa supply chain.

Measurable Goal: Engage and interest Ghanaian young people with technology expertise in this space to develop business-ready tech prototypes and launch start-ups; to develop social, policy, or business ideas that contribute to solving the challenges identified and serve as a means of connecting actors in the Ghanaian cocoa supply chain that are sharing value and operating sustainably


Chocothon Phase I, Mission 1 is scheduled from 18th - 22nd January 2017 in Accra/Ghana.

Chocothon Phase I, Mission 2 is scheduled from May 22nd to 26th, 2017

Chocothon phase II will take place in August/September 2017.

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In line with the open and collaborative spirit of Chocothon initiative this crowdfunding campaign gives the chance to any individual to contribute to bring this project to life by making donations or pledges.

The companies willing to be part of this initiative should meet the following criteria:
-be directly or indirectly sourcing cocoa from Ghana
-be willing to share farmer data that allows the collection of attributes (location, size, production techniques, level of income and more) in order to develop tailor-made and appropriate programs and measures in line with the platform initiative.
-be able to commit to a partnership for the first two Chocothon events


The companies that participate in this initiative will benefit from:

-a neutral platform with respected partners that will lend credibility to the participating companies’ commitment to sustainable cocoa sourcing in Ghana;

-the cohesion and opportunities that come from sharing, empowering and connecting the entire cocoa supply chain from upstream to downstream actors;

-platform co-development that offers a ground-breaking approach in connecting and engaging with suppliers, thus helping to secure long-term sustainable supply chain access;

-access to world class and open source technology tools that will be made available to all members of the initiative;

-a scalable approach using customized trainings and tools developed and co-created by all members of the initiative.

Founding Team

Sara Roversi

Future Food Institute Director

Thomas Camenzind

Google Food Program Manager EMEA

Sandra Cabrera

Market Analyst, International Trade Centre

Aileen Ionescu-Somers

Associate Dean, Business School Lausanne

Hans Steenbergen

Google Food Lab Board Member

Lukas Vlaar

Food Inspiration project manager

Steven van der Kruit

World traveller and Flavour & Food scouter

Alaa Salama

Google Leadership Team

Estelle Akofio-Sowah

Google Ghana

The rest of the team

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Google Food Team

Ann Cooper

Timothy Ross

Davide Fuschi

Leanne Summers

Lukas Vlaar

Food+Tech Connect Gould

Paolo Dobrowolny

Andrew Shakman

Camenzind Thomas

Simona Bielli

Richard Scobey


Tomas Vera

Helene York

David Leicht

F.J. Pannekoek


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Funding target 10000

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GOAL 10000

Raised 10205

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